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JET Uniform Mending Is a Good Fit for Your Company

Wearing the appropriate apparel is an essential factor for ensuring safety on any industrial worksite. It protects workers, keeps them clean and makes sure they're visible. As the name suggests, a uniform also bestows a sense of consistency to a workforce. If kept clean and in a good state of repair, uniforms exude professionalism. No matter what apparel you outfit your employees with, keeping work apparel well maintained with JET Uniform's industrial mending program is a sound investment.

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Why Add Linen Roll Towel to Your List of Janitorial Supplies?

One of the most annoying things that can happen when you visit a public bathroom is to find no paper towel to dry your hands with after you wash them. By having JET Uniform & Supply install linen roll towel dispensers and handle the upkeep of this and other janitorial supplies, you’ll never run out of cloth again.

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Our Cloth Shop Rags Wipe the Floor with the Competition

While many automotive shops, oil and gas plants and other industrial facilities use the so-called heavy-duty disposable wipes, more companies are turning to a shop rag program like the one offered by JET for the following reasons...

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